RSVP Montgomery

Two Are Better

Learning to Laugh at Yourself, So You Can Laugh at Everything Else


Who are the Joneses? What do they do? Why are they so special? Who cares? We have been married three years now, and we are still getting used to this whole marriage thing just as we are with this whole “being an adult” thing. Admittedly, Hannah may care a little bit more about keeping up with the Joneses than Caleb. But as a couple, we are working to take a step back, laugh at ourselves and work on just being the Hawks. Keep up with that.

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The Dynamic Duo


While working out is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, excuses to avoid it come pretty easily to many of us. Personal trainers Terry and Jennifer Biddy do a fantastic job working with their clients to tailor the most impactful diet and exercise to maximize the results they want achieved. They understand that being your trainer means being your coach, friend, motivator and educator who will push you through the hard days and celebrate with you when you accomplish your goals.

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6 Degrees of Desperation


“You can't have roots and wings, Mel.” This little one-liner from the adorable movie “Sweet Home Alabama” struck a chord with me. In a pivotal moment of my life, faced with helping my then fiancé in the decision of whether to take a job out of state or stay close to home, I kept asking myself...roots or wings? Roots or wings? Both equally appealing, it seemed neither decision was the right one. Either we stayed in Alabama and kept the comfort we were accustomed to, or we spread our wings to see what was offered outside our little bubble.

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When Two Become One


There are two types of personality at the most basic level – introverts and extroverts. Introverts, who often prefer the company of “me, myself and I”, are often misunderstood. Because their opposing personality type, the extrovert, gains energy from being around other people, the norm has been to assume that an introvert can’t enjoy anything other than being alone. So what happens when an introvert falls in love and is facing “till death do us part?” Promising to live with someone for the rest of life’s days is a scary thought for an introvert. But take it from this self-proclaimed loner, when you’re facing a future with the right person, two definitely ARE better!

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Growing Love


New*ly*wed: a person recently married. This definition by Merriam-Webster may no longer apply to you, but no matter how long you've been a couple, there's always an opportunity to create excitement in your marriage. So how do you maintain the love, chemistry, adventure and fun?!

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Make Love, Not Debt


Let’s face it. We all know more about the ups and downs of our favorite celebs’ love lives than we would like to admit. They're together one minute, and the next, they're not. They are living proof that money cannot buy you happiness. Finding the happy medium in your married life when it comes to finances is something we all struggle with. At the end of the day, two are better than one at managing your family's finances. Here are a few tips to help you and your other half learn how to make sense of your dollars.

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Coupons for Couples


Once you’ve been dating or married for a certain number of years, being creative for Valentine’s
Day can prove a bit tricky. We’ve been down the road of roses and wine, a night in an extravagant
hotel, dinner and a movie. Ho…Hum…. (Insert yawn).

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